The Method

our improvement sprints method

An Improvement Sprint is a team-based method for improving student outcomes in your school. Harnessing the collaborative time that you already have available, our approach can help your school to rapidly improve outcomes through building the collective efficacy of your teachers. Our process draws on the latest research and highly effective improvement processes from both inside and outside education. 


An Introduction to Improvement Sprints

Imagine the potential impact if all your teachers were working in teams to relentlessly improve learning outcomes through intentionally applying evidence-informed practice. 

At our core we believe that schools can become dynamic learning organisations that are relentlessly improving practice to lift student outcomes.

We partner with leaders and front line educators to spark inventive ways to improve the learning of individuals and communities. Our methods are used by leading schools and systems across the planet.

The Benefits of the Improvement Sprint Method


Create a culture of continuous improvement and collective action

Gain more impact from the collaboration time you already have available

Support educators to collectively plan and evaluate their impact


Meaningfully embed the use of evidence throughout the teaching and learning proces

Build the capacity to rapidly improve outcomes through short, focused cycles of work