We believe that schools can become dynamic
learning organisations that are relentlessly improving
practice to lift student outcomes.

Founded by Dr Simon Breakspear, Agile Schools is a partner of schools and systems globally helping them to develop the capacity to continuously improve and adapt. We have a global faculty of leading practitioners and advisors who help to build the capabilities of leaders to maximise their impact on learning and teaching. 

Our methods are used by leading schools across Australia, Asia, North America and the Middle East. Our clients include the Alberta Teachers’ Association, the Qatar Foundation, and Australian Departments of Education.


What People Say


Our methods are used by leading
schools and systems across the planet. 

Together with leaders and front line educators we spark inventive ways to improve the
learning of individuals and communities. 


Our Principles

A closer look at the principles for improvement that drive us.


Learner Progress

Responsive Practice

Empowering Teams