Agile leadership provides a dynamic approach to leading change that will enable leaders to maximise their impact, harness evidence and create effective local solutions. These teams work to create a positive impact through adopting agile ways of working together.

What is the Agile Leadership Team program?

An embedded, team based program with 4 workshop days across 6 months.

This is a highly practical program designed to build the capabilities of leaders to ‘change how they lead change’ in their schools.

School leadership teams have often crafted clear strategic directions for their school improvement work. The key challenge is one of effective implementation with impact. Improving learning and teaching in the complex-relational environments of schools is rarely a simple, linear process. The Agile Leadership Collective Impact program can animate and support the school improvement work that teams are already engaged in. It will provide them with the frameworks, skills and tools to engage in move through iterative cycles of action, feedback and refinement,

The longitudinal design of the program enables leaders to build capacity by solving real challenges in their own unique educational setting. Leaders and their team are supported to move from theory to practice as they shift from the leadership intensives into the grounded work within their schools, before returning to unpack the lessons learned and plan for the next phase of improvement work.

By building confidence in the Agile Leadership framework and tools, teams will build the adaptive capacity to be flexible and adaptive throughout a school improvement process. They will leave with practical approaches and new ways of working together to realise a positive impact in their school.


Leadership teams will learn how to…

  • UNDERSTAND the drivers of the growing complexity faced by school leaders

  • ANALYSE why default approaches to leading educational change so often fail to improve learning

  • EXAMINE the underlying causes of resistance which slow down and derail change

  • FOCUS on a small number of high-impact, evidence-informed improvement approaches

  • EXPLORE and build confidence in applying cycle of agile improvement

  • INCUBATE changes to gain rapid feedback in the early phases of implementation

  • GATHER and use evidence to guide all phases of improvement work

  • DEVELOP strategies to be able to flourish as a leader in times of change and situations of high uncertainty.

  • BUILD fluency in embracing an agile mindset during complex educational change work

  • EXPLORE and build confidence in applying the methods and tools of the Clarify - Incubate - Amplify process

  • DEVELOP a clear plan to lead effective change in their organisation

  • FOCUS on a small number of high-leverage improvement approaches that can work with coherence towards our intended impact

  • IMPLEMENT small and learn fast to de-risk change

  • MOVE from ‘pockets of excellent practice’ towards sustaining a new common practice

  • LEAD iterative improvement aligned with a School’s improvement plan

  • DEVELOP the routines, norms and plans of highly-effective agile teams

  • HARNESS evaluative thinking to monitor the progress, successes, failures and roadblocks in the improvement journey as it unfolds.

  • EMBRACE iteration and refinement to plans as we ‘learn how to improve’ in context


Your Journey Towards Being An Agile Leader

Pre-Learning & Improvement Analysis


Leadership teams engage in online prior learning including videos and readings in order to gain an understanding of the key frameworks and models that form the backbone of the course. Teams also conduct preliminary analysis to identify the areas that are most important to improve next in order to maximise their impact on student learning.

Agile Leadership Workshop


During this 2-day intensive program teams build confidence in using the key models and tools of the Agile Leadership framework. Leaders will gain a clear understanding of the key mindset, skills and approaches that can help them to accelerate their current improvement work and manage complex change. Teams will determine key focus areas for action, design an agile plan and be equipped to take 50 days of rapid action back in their own unique contexts.

Embedded Improvement Work


Leadership teams engage in short, focused improvement work in their school context. They will be supported to take a disciplined approach which involves the regular collection and use of evidence. Additional learning will occur through online tools, videos and resources.

Evidence Into Action Workshop


Teams will bring evidence of the work completed so far and the early impact they are seeing. Together we will unpack the lessons learned from what is working, and what is not yet working, and map out the next action steps. Teams will develop their ability to harness an ‘evaluative thinking’ approach to continuous improvement. They will learn how to gather and use evidence to steer all stages of their change journey. They will map out their next 50-day period of focused improvement work and commit to key deliverables.

Embedded Improvement Work


Leadership teams engage in their next phase of focused improvement work in their school context. Teams will refine their theory of action and work to collect robust evidence of impact. Additional learning will occur through online videos and resources.

Creating Collective Impact Workshop


Teams return to review evidence of impact, learn from their experiences and plan out the next logical steps of agile action. Teams will celebrate the success achieved, and crystallise the lessons learned through cross-school dialogue and peer-review. Leaders will develop their understanding of how implementation and behavioural science can support their efforts to deepen and embed change. We will also focus on developing protocols and routines of high-impact leadership teams that can sustain continuous improvement and innovation over time.


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What people have been saying…

It is rare to experience such an inspiring program that simultaneously provides concrete steps to bring about real change...highly energetic, challenging and ultimately intelligent presentation skills accompanied by rich Eureka- moment materials are a powerful combination that place this program at the highest level.
— Principal

The best training I have ever had. I am walking away with a wealth of knowledge and understand and the desire to continue to make teaching and learning better in my school.
— Lead Teacher
It is excellent as it ushered me to start planning during the course and made it easy for me to start doing immediately after finishing one stage of the course.
— Lead Teacher
I have been teaching for over 28 years. This is hands down one of the best professional development programs I have ever attended. This program gives you time to reflect and to learn form the other experts in the room...was extremely valuable and powerful.
— Instructional Coach
This has been a fantastic model of how professional learning can look in terms of structure. Having teams from schools, who are able to affect change and improve teaching and learning, attending and learning together I believe will have a huge and immediate impact on teaching and learning in our classrooms.
— Lead Teacher
It was inspirational and transforming.
— Lead Teacher