Improvement Sprints Into Action
2-Day Program

A practical process for improving student achievement and learning progress in your school

An intensive 2-day program run over 4-12 weeks with embedded school impact work between each day. This program is designed for teams of senior leaders and lead teachers to equip them to lead sprints in their school for improvement of learning outcomes. 

Who is it for?

For principals, senior leaders, team leaders, lead teachers and anyone in a school or system leadership role. 

Key learning outcomes

Identify and focus on one area of student learning for rapid improvement

Develop the capacity to create agile learning teams and support the development of collective efficacy

Understand the core conditions required for effective disciplined inquiry including - time, team norms, leadership, and evidence – and plan for success

Continuously review progress and adapt the method for your unique school context


The expectations for improving student learning outcomes across Australian schools have never been higher. Leaders and educators need more effective approaches to meeting the needs of diverse learners and ensuring that all students are making growth in literacy and numeracy, as well as other valued educational outcomes.

Our approach

An Improvement Sprint is a team-based method for improving student outcomes in your school. Harnessing the collaborative time that you already have available, our approach can help your school to rapidly improve outcomes through building the collective efficacy of your teachers. Our process draws on the latest research and highly effective improvement processes from both inside and outside education. 

Improvement Sprint Method

Improvement Sprint Method


Teachers comments...

The program has encouraged me to re-think my approach to leading change and provided a set of radically different strategies that I believe will lead to sustainable improvement in my school.
It was inspirational and transforming.
The best training I have ever had. I am walking away with a wealth of knowledge and understand and the desire to continue to make teaching and learning better in my school.
This program has shifted my mindset and helped me get more focused on the essentials of my position. I have learned to take small steps to have bigger impact!
I have been teaching for over 28 years. This is hands down one of the best professional development workshops I have ever attended. THIS program gives you time to reflect and to learn from the other experts in the room.
Highly recommend it.
Very practical, aligned to the real work of schools/teachers and students. Love the idea of small is the new big!