Foundations of Learning
Sprints 1-Day Program

A practical process for improving student achievement and learning progress in your school

In this dynamic introductory session participants will come to understand and apply the key methodologies of learning sprints. They will build confidence in applying the process to enable educator teams to rapidly improve outcomes, and develop effective practice. 

Who is it for? 

For principals, senior leaders, team leaders, lead teachers and anyone in a school or system leadership role. 

Key learning outcomes

  • Explore the challenge of ensure learning growth for diverse students
  • Understand the core methodologies of learning sprints
  • Consider how to apply learning sprints in your unique school context by utilising the time and resources that are already available. 

The benefits

  • Create a culture of continuous improvement and collective action
  • Gain more impact from the collaboration time you already have available
  • Support educators to collectively plan and evaluate their impact
  • Meaningfully embed the use of evidence throughout the teaching and learning process
  • Build the capacity to rapidly improve outcomes through short, focused cycles of work


The expectations for improving student learning outcomes across Australian schools have never been higher. Leaders and educators need more effective approaches to meeting the needs of diverse learners and ensuring that all students are making growth in literacy and numeracy, as well as other valued educational outcomes.

Our approach

A Learning Sprint is a team-based method for improving student outcomes in your school. Harnessing the collaborative time that you already have available, our approach can help your school to rapidly improve outcomes through building the collective efficacy of your teachers. Our process draws on the latest research and highly effective improvement processes from both inside and outside education. 

Learning Sprint Method

Learning Sprint Method

    This program can be run as a stand-alone session, or as a launch into Learning Sprints into Action day


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    What teachers say...

    This is the best keynote session we have ever had. Someone from our profession with great knowledge providing relevant information.
    Hit the nail on the head!! Have already implemented at least one of his suggestions into our GVC planning.
    Clear practices that can be implemented that support the journey that we are already on.
    A fantastic tool that will help guide my upper grades through a data to inform practice approach to their teaching and learning.
    Best professional learning have been to for leadership.
    (This program is) useful and achievable, will make an impact on student outcomes.
    This program contained so many pragmatic examples that identified some of the ways that I could apply myself to the important and not so important educational work.
    I believe that this training will help us to change our entire leadership model and use of PLC time in our school.
    I left feeling motivated to make some change, and have clarity about my direction. I feel that
    the focus on improving learning by improving teaching will help me rebuild and revisit the floor of practice in my teams and in turn build collective efficacy.
    This process is practical and manageable. One of the most difficult things to do is gain staff buy-in when trying to implement change and improvement. This process will ensure quick success in a focused area, which promotes motivation to continue using the process.
    Outstanding - aligned perfectly!! Glad to be part of a school that is clearly moving in the right direction.
    Hugely valuable and motivating.
    This is the best session we have ever had. Someone from our profession with great knowledge providing relevant information.
    Fantastic, an easy to understand and implement way of making the most impact in a specific focus area.
    Easy to implement as it keeps goals small and therefore achievable. This process is collaborative and will not be an extra burden on staff.
    This program has really given me a frame work for thinking through and developing strategic ways in which to improve student learning.
    The Improvement Sprints program has enabled me to be able to lead teachers to look at obstacles in a way that breaks them into smaller
    chunks that can be solved quickly and move to the next part quickly.
    This program has helped make me focus more framing problems worth solving and not getting stuck on the work that doesn’t make a serious impact upon children’s learning.
    Integrating the Sprint model is a very doable task that will impact most of my interactions with teachers.