An Agile Schools Community Event

We invite all past participants of our Learning Sprints programs to join us in a collaborative 'Sprint Lab', designed for practitioners working to embed Learning Sprints in their schools. 



Check back for details on our next Learning Sprint Lab, or contact us below and we will keep you updated.


Evolve the Learning Sprints methodology
to have a greater impact on teacher practice and learner outcomes.

Our community loves to network, share stories and solve emerging challenges together. 
Connect & collaborate with other Sprint schools in your area.

Elevate your thinking   
Learn how to
develop a culture of
evidence-informed practice
and build teacher expertise

Build leadership capability
Be exposed to the latest tools and
resources available to support your
teachers to continually enhance their
professional practice

Inspire through examples
Hear how other schools in Australia
and Canada are adapting the Sprints
methodology and ‘doing the work’
on the ground across diverse contexts


Get in touch to register.


Past Sprint Labs