Alberta Teachers Association

The Alberta Teachers Association (ATA) and Agile Schools have joined together to create the 'ATA Agile Schools Network', which is a collaborative initiative created to continuously improve student learning through targeted teaching.

This initiative brings together leading schools across Alberta, Canada, to work deeply on teacher-led innovation for better learning outcomes, through intensive workshops, networking and in-school work.

We have three core ambitions for participating schools:

  1. Every student makes at least one year’s worth of progress for every year of schooling as a direct result of the collaborative effort between Alberta teachers, schools and system leaders to refine pedagogical models.
  2. Schools have the leaders and the capacity for progress, and can thrive with the appropriate support. Schools themselves can lead continuous improvement practices through the collaborative effort between parents, teachers, boards and administrators.
  3. Teachers, supported by school leaders, have the confidence and skills to redesign their teaching practices to target each student with more powerful learning experiences.

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